Friday, 9 April 2010

8 Ball on the Edge

 "8 Ball  on the edge", Oil on Panel, 8" x 15"

I found these clean, white stones on a beach in Cyprus while on holiday there. When I got home I made this display on a shelf in my studio (without the 8 Ball) and they sat in this configuration for almost a year before I thought to place the 8 Ball with them and subsequently start a painting.

Ever since seeing Neil Hollingsworth's wonderful paintings of pool balls in a bowl I have been itching to paint one. So, wanting to veer as far away from Neil's style as possible, this composition worked, on all levels, for me. I like the slightly surreal feeling of the pool ball set in what could be an ancient heap of gigantic stones in a vast desert or on a beach.
Painting the 8 Ball was a blast. There's something wonderful about the curved world it portrays . . . a glorious distortion of reality.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Cosmos Bowl

"Cosmos Bowl", 8" x 8", Oil on Panel

I love Cosmos with its feathery foliage, vivid magenta flowers and stark yellow stamen. . . a wonderful reminder of a hot Summer's day.
When I was photographing this I couldn't get over how the flower resembled a colourful butterfly perching on the side of the bowl.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Red Bull, Sugarfree

"Red Bull, Sugarfree".  6" x 6", Oil on Panel

Where would I be without my Red Bull Sugarfree and all things caffeine? . . . asleep, I guess.

I love crunching things up . . . cans, paper, bubblewrap and anything else that comes to hand and will be thrown out. Something very satisfying about reducing things to the smallest space possible.

I love this used can . . .it was sitting on my studio table after being emptied and kept attracting my attention . . .great shape and colours . . .out came the camera and a short time later . . . its painted.

A painting of what helped me paint . . . something strangely circular about this process.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Here come the Dragonballz

Finally got around to treating myself to a fun painting. It is wonderful painting in such a small format . . . everythng happens so quickly.

As long as I can remember I have loved plastic figures.
As a youth I had lots of Super Heroes, Monsters, Soldiers, Cowboys and Indians in my room. Many a battle was waged from my desktop between the Hulk and Franeknstein.

"Peek A Boo", 6" x 6". Oil on Panel

I never had one of these . . . not quite my thing as a youth. . . however as an adult I think she is adorable. I can see myself painting a few of this type of figure in a variety of sizes. I think she would be amazing as a 36" painting . . . we'll see.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Infinite Possibilities 1

I imagine my work here will be quite disperate and sporadic to begin with . . . I'm not putting any limits on style, subject matter or intention . . . I want 100% freedom to explore and enjoy.

10" x 8", Oil on Panel

This is my first painting in a long time . . . it is an experiment with a wink and a hug to Yves Tanguy . . . who so inspired me in the early days . . . and whose influence can still be found in my alter ego's work.

The sleeper has awakened . . . it's good to be back